“Waking Hours” // Day 7

Calvin Owens
3 min readSep 9, 2020

Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy, welcome to “Waking Hours”.
This is a note that I, Calvin, wanted to share with you all. These are some of the things that were on my mind, brought a smile to my face, fascinated me about the wonders of our world, or gave me the motivation to make the most of today. Take a few minutes and relax and read along.

Some new playlists.

I love Spotify okay. Making new playlists, getting the playlist art just right. The songs I like and constantly rotating through new ones. Here are some of my favs to get you through the week(s).

in the quiet — a super chill playlist with a ton of instrumentals from your favorite worship songs, great for background when studying, writing, sipping coffee
jam session — a playlist will all of those prime alt-rock songs we can all love from the mid 00's

The show I can’t stop watching.

Okay, I know it sounds like I am an 80 year-old man, and I might actually be inside, but I cannot get enough of Jeopardy!. If you’re like me and always things and love trivia and random facts just start watching.

It’s on Netflix and you can catch some of the greatest players in the Greatest of All Time tournament on almost any on demand service.

Highly recommend.

Wake up. Drink coffee. Retreat to the quiet place.

I’m sure you know by now I like to wake up early — dare I say I’ve become a morning person since going to college. But since quarantine and ‘rona hit, it has been so easy to hit the snooze and go back to sleep with “nowhere to go”.

Not having that quiet time in the morning to ground myself before I get tossed into the day has taken it’s toll on me and my mental energy. I didn’t want to do anything, get anything done, or have a drive to make the most of today.

I am just now getting back into this rhythm (literally this morning) and it is life changing for me. If you’re feeling stuck, only wanting to do the bare minimum; wake up, ground yourself, maybe grab some coffee and spend time with Him.

“Let your emotional equilibrium be dictated by prayer and your view of the world based on the Word of God.” — John Mark Comer

Also if you wanna start making hipster coffee like me here’s how.

Thanks for reading.

See you Sunday.




Calvin Owens

A student at Georgia Tech, a coffee nerd, and a follower of Jesus.