“Waking Hours” // Day 6

Calvin Owens
3 min readJul 18, 2020

Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy, welcome to “Waking Hours”.
This is a note that I, Calvin, wanted to share with you, my InsideOut group. These are some of the things that were on my mind, brought a smile to my face, fascinated me about the wonders of our world, or gave me the motivation to make the most of today. I hope you enjoy it.

For all the foodies out there.

I have recently found this show on Netflix and am obsessed. I’m a foodie and whether I watch this show to learn more or just see some amazing food being made, I am IN. Watch The Chef Show here.

Getting started with digital minimalism.

I find that the more I use my phone, laptop, Xbox, or anything with a dang screen (nearly everything I'm my house) the more the enemy is able to twist that time into something he wants me to do, or at least tries to. I think digital minimalism and gaining a better relationship with technology is essential for maintaining an emotionally and spiritually healthy life in this post-Christian world. Check out a video here for some simple rules to gain a better relationship with technology.

A case for stillness.

Nowadays we no longer have the opportunity to be bored with infinity in our front right pocket. With this comes a lack of something else also, stillness. This is something to take note of, especially when we look at the life of Jesus. — The busier Jesus got, the more he retreated into silence and solitude. The “wilderness” as its often called in Scripture was not a place of weakness, but a place of strength for the Son of God. He needed it to be in touch with his Father and himself before leading his people. Jesus needed stillness.
Notice I use the word stillness here, not silence. It's easy for all of us to be silent but our mind is screaming. Stillness on the other hand requires silence of our body, mind, and spirit.

If Jesus needed stillness, why you think you don’t? Now, the busier we get and the more we have to do, that time of silence and solitude is the first thing to go. In reality, st (and by extension time with God) is exactly what our body, mind, and spirit need. In this time of stillness, these three link up, no one is in front of another, and all can approach the day in unison. And when your body, mind, and spirit are all on the same page, and for me approaching the day according to God’s will, it's hard to feel empowered. Try it sometime.

Thanks for reading.

See you Sunday.




Calvin Owens

A student at Georgia Tech, a coffee nerd, and a follower of Jesus.